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In January 2000, WHO executive bound encouraged the Member States to participate in establishing joint active networks to strengthen the capacity of centers and expand cooperation with the purpose of health development in order to meet the known needs and struggles.

The forth meeting of WHO collaborative centers in coordination with Ministry of International Affairs Department(MOHME-IAD) and Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology was held by the Secretariat in Ministry of Health on May 9, 2018.

The objectives and aims (international networking and cooperation with World Health Organization policies) of the collaborative centers, secretariat of WHO, were emphasized at the meeting.

Concerning the importance of networking and empowering the cooperation between collaborative and research centers, it was stipulated that "the network of international research centers (NIRC) needs to be established along with the collaborative centers secretariat activities and to be formally introduced to the World Health organization.

NIRC consists of WHOCCs and research centers active in the international arena. It is worth mentioning that while other networks acting under World Health organization have come together to fulfil a scientific objective, NIRC is known as the first convergent experience in active centers in the country working on diverse issues  and having the capacity to accept various centers of specific scientific issues.

Our aim in this network is to achieve the maximum coordination and harmony between collaborative and research centers in various technical fields in the country. The network tries to improve and strengthen common activities and coordination among country centers. This network supports achievements in public health particularly the policies at national and international levels that go with World Health organization general policies.

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